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‘Distributing Ration to Workers in Noida Daily, Many Still Hungry’

Amid the nationwide coronavirus lockdown, several are sleeping hungry. News reports of food and hunger issues among the migrant population prompted me to start sending meals around 25 March on my own, but within a few days, I felt the need to get more organised as the demand was only increasing each day.

Therefore, a self-funded endeavour turned into a crowdfunded exercise. I tied up with SAI Foundation, an NGO, to start Noida Food Relief. Its trustees are my friends and partners and we’ve formed a small team together. The NGO is used to raise funds through donations and that money is used to send out meals and ration.

The team at work. 

Everyday, we identify areas that would be serviced the next day and work accordingly. We are catering to hundreds of families each day all over Noida. It all depends on the day and the demand. We intend to continue for as long as we can and for as long as it is needed.

With food, it’s difficult to return to the same area time and again. Therefore, we focus on giving ration worth around two weeks to everyone so that we don’t need to come back soon and they don’t go hungry.

Our ration includes atta, rice, dal, salt, red chilli/turmeric powder, sugar and oil.

Safety First

While we ourselves take precautions like wearing masks and gloves, using sanitisers and practicing social distancing, we make sure those we distribute food to are also following the same guidelines.

Everyone maintains social distancing.

We have been taking the help of UP Police for crowd management. We all got passes which are issued for limited periods. Those whose passes expire, handle backend operations till their passes are renewed. Other spirited volunteers have also offered to help as they have passes.

We need more and more people to come forward and help us with this. Of course not come on ground but help us through donations because we need to sustain this for some time to come and since the demand is increasing, the desperation is increasing too.

“Initially, the team members put in their salaries and savings. As the initiative grew and picked up, we had to rely on crowdfunding. We got immense support from so many kind souls all over India. We wish to continue as long as you support us.”


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