She And India Foundation

1. Food Relief

Noida Food Relief: The lockdown following the escalation of COVID cases in India, left millions of migrant workers without jobs. Plagued both by the fear of catching the disease and being caught in the city with no income or source of livelihood, many sought to go back to their villages. Noida, being a construction and industrial hub as well as an entry point from Delhi to neighboring states, saw an influx of migrants enter the city post the Junta Curfew. These people, with no belongings but some clothes, were left stranded in the city as the lockdown shut down all modes of transport. Watching the crowds flocking to gates of different housing colonies asking for help, it became increasingly unnerving to stand quiet and just observe. Thus, SAI Foundation, in partnership with a few professionals from Noida, started the Noida Food Relief campaign initiative.

The food relief began with providing the stranded migrants and workers with cooked meals. Through the support of our contributors and partners, we distributed over 35,000+ cooked meals over a span of 2 weeks.

As distribution became increasingly difficult, we adapted a new strategy and moved towards distributing dry ration kits which can sustain a family of 5 for about 7 days. These kits contain wheat, rice, pulses, sugar, some ‘masalas’ like chilli powder, turmeric, salt and hygiene products like soap and cloth cleaner. So far we have distributed over 8,000 ration kits which has enabled us to provide ~120,000 meals to around 40,000 people.

2. Nizamuddin Efforts

Daryaganj is a low income and high population density area in south Delhi. Lockdown due to Covid adversely impacted families in this area. With the help of local representatives, we distributed over 500 ration kits. We also made special kits for those who were fasting during the Holy Month of Ramazan. Subsequently, when the heavy rains swept away establishment of close to 11 families, we ensured that they are provided with clean clothes, sanitary napkins for women along with ration and utensils.

3. Carrying Us Home

SAI Foundation helped organize buses to send more than 150 migrants home, to various parts in Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal and Bihar.

4. End Period Poverty

Noida: As the lockdown entered its second month, our team started getting distress calls from women regarding lack of any medical products including sanitary napkins. Tapping into our partner organisations, SAI Foundation identified clusters of women with a contact person in each. 5000+ sanitary napkins were thus distributed to these women.

Latur: Undertook distribution of 3,000+ reusable sanitary napkins to provide the rural women in and around Latur with hygiene over a period of 1 year.

5. Care for Caregivers

Noida: In an effort to empower and protect the police who performed their duty diligently and enabled us to reach thousands of people, are taking on, we provided them with 1,000 face masks, 500 hand sanitizers and 2,000 gloves. All products were sourced from SMEs which in turn were trying to support different NGOs and women through employment in the tough economic scenario.

Latur: Housing thousands of farmers, Latur, part of the impoverished Marathwada faced an acute shortage of masks and PPE kits. SAI Foundation has provided over 500 face shields to the town’s DM and his personnel as well as the local hospitals. Over 15,000 face masks have also been provided to the labourers in the city and their families.

6. Distribution of Masks

The use of masks is essential to battle Covid-19. It has been a trying process to firstly educate the population of rural marathwada regarding its importance, and then ensuring that enough people have access to masks. SAI Foundation, with the help of several on ground distribution partners have distributed 25,000 masks in remote villages of Marathwada.